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  • Extra Large Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone – The overall dimensions is 58 inches long(from the top of hook to bottom of wind catcher) x 6 inches diameters. 6 high quality Bronzed-Colored anodized aluminum tubes are hand-tuned and the longest tube is 33 inch long.
  • Precisely tuned – Our extra large Wind Chimes has tuned to a pentatonic scale with a deep tone. This wind chime creates clear and melodious sound when the breeze springs up. You will be amazed about how peaceful and wonderful sound it brings. It soothes your body and mind, feeling like attending a mini-concert everyday.
  • Stately Garden Decor - Perfect for the patio, garden, and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your space. With big "S" hook that makes it incredibly easy to hang. 100% Happy With Your Purchase Or Your Money Back.
  • Nice Deep Tone and Incredibly Well Made -This chime has an extended resonance and deep tones that will transport you to paradise without leaving home. Each tube is precision tuned to pentatonic scale, achieving a rich, calming tone, create a harmonious experience in your home or garden. They sound lovely so bring this musical tuned wind chimes home today.
  • Perfect Gift -this wind chimes can be gifts for housewarming, mother day, Christmas gifts. A great gift for your friend, neighbor and family. Everybody want to enjoy a Beautiful and lasting gift, you will not let them down if they like nature.
  • Unique Wind Chimes Design-36-inch height from hanging hook to bottom wind catcher, the top beech wood offers a unique look. Secured with black nylon string, they hang from a strong S hook, EASILY TO HANG. 6 aluminum powder-coated tubes are hand-tuned; you can enjoy peaceful melodies that play as a whisper in the wind.
  • Made with 1.25" diameter aluminum tubes. Length of longest tube is 23".
  • Overall length of chime is 44".
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of C.
  • ♬Personalized memorial wind chimes. It also comes with a gifts pack that can be used for a gifts on your friend or family birthday, Christmas day and so on. You will not let them down if you buy the high-quality wind chimes as gift for your family and friends. The bereavement wind chimes memorial for loss of baby, daughter, son, and family numbers. The sound is soft, deep tone and relaxing. You will feel its beaut
  • ♬Wind chimes outdoor deep tone. Astarin thicken wind chime tubes resonate longer than other wind chimes. 6 metal tubes are hand-tuned by our professional tuning experts to achieve a superior musical performance. Heavy duty nylon cording high density wood striker for a clear tone and resonances. What an awesome way to think about the one you care, listening to one of your favorite hymns, sitting outdoors, letting the gentle music calm you.
  • ♬Wood wind chimes with heavy aluminum tube. Total hanging overall length is 28”with a stronger metal hook. 6 recycled aluminum tubes with durable anodized rose gold finish. The heavy wooden/metal wind chimes with quality wood can be used for long time. The large wind chimes tubes are sprayed with wind and rain resistant coating, so the tuned wind chimes provides years of pleasure without change of the sound.
  • 🎶【Color Changing】Multi-color solar wind chimes lights will change seven colors at night, changing from one color to another is calm and gentle.
  • 🎶【Quality Assurance】We provide a 12-month warranty. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can contact us at any time, and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
  • 🎶【Wind Chimes For Outside】The wind chime is hand-tuned by our tuning experts, and it emits harmonious and beautiful music in the wind, which is pleasant and charming.
  • BEAUTIFUL DECORATIVE - Our wind chime come in elegant Silver color, fits well in your garden, patio, porch etc. You will feel its beauty no matter where you hang it. You don't have to worry about them chipping or losing their beauty, They'll last year after year.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - 36 inch height from hanging hook to bottom wind catcher, At the top, The suspension platform is 6.7 inches wide, Star moon is carved on the sail. Unique design perfect for the patio, garden, and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your environment.
  • NO RISK PURCHASE - We stand by our craftsmanship, We don’t cut corners, We use only the finest material to construct for you. If your you encounter any issues, we’ll quickly make it right. That’s a promise!

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3. Find out the policies and services before buying the Best location for wind chimes

3.1. Warranty policy

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3.3. Customer Service

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